Have you seen this painting?


You probably haven’t, because I am simply awful at posting new stuff. Here is something I featured in the June Riverdale Art Walk:


Engraved Water, Mixed Media on birch panel, 16″ high x 20″ wide

It may feature again in the Headwaters Show in September. I feel comfortable having my much-loved blue near me.

Currently, my daughter’s room is torn apart (new window, new floor, new paint on the walls) and she is inhabiting my studio until she can get back into her own space. In the meantime, I cannot work- can’t paint at any rate. I need my studio to be just my own. A Room Of One’s Own, you know. I feel a little prima donna about the whole thing, a bit sheepish and spoiled; yet I still cannot whip myself into the studio and get down to anything.